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A manufacturer of autologous cartilage cell transplants

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CO.DON AG, Teltow, Germany
CO.DON AG is a biopharmaceutical company that specialises in the development and manufacture of cell therapies for the regenerative treatment of articular cartilage defects using only the patient’s own cartilage cells. The cell therapies are a regenerative method that in many cases makes it possible to avert or postpone the need for joint replacement surgery. Spherox is a medicinal product approved for use in the EU that consists of spheroids derived from human autologous matrix-associated chondrocytes for implantation. Regulatory approved for clinical use in the EU and Switzerland.
Personalisierte, körpereigene Zelltherapien zur Behandlung von Gelenkknorpeldefekten
Tilmann Bur
Added on: 05-25-2020
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