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In silico model of the arterial tree for the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease

University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Among a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, peripheral artery disease (PAD) and arterial stiffening stand out due to their high prevalence. However, techniques currently available to detect and diagnose PAD and arterial stiffening have ongoing limitations. In the present study, the researchers aimed at developing a new approach to cardiovascular disease diagnosis based on an analysis of arterial mechanical properties manifested in blood pressure waveforms. The approach was tested in a full-scale in-silico arterial tree simulation. The results showed that the approach exhibited superior sensitivity and convenience to current methods. The study shows that this approach coupled with the development of measurements of blood pressure waveform will evolve into an alternative for cardiovascular disease diagnosis.
Model-based cardiovascular disease diagnosis: a preliminary in-silico study
Jin-Oh Hahn
Added on: 12-03-2021
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