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Digital model of epicardial pacing for training of physicians

University of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington, USA
Improvement of postoperative management of patients having cardiac surgery could be obtained with increased understanding of epicardial pacing, In the present study, the researchers aimed at developing a software-based epicardial pacing program to be used with the existing patient simulator. These digital training tools should assist junior physicians to become competent in the management of epicardial pacemakers. The tools developed were based on a human patient simulator and Flash animation to present arrhythmias and epicardial pacing interventions. The trainee is able to make adjustments (type of pacing, rate of pacing, and chamber output) as if using an actual pulse generator. The study reports the training of 15 anesthesiology residents who had minimal epicardial pacing experience. An anonymous post-scenario questionnaire was used to receive feedback which showed that the simulation session improved their understanding and management of epicardial pacemakers.
Using software-based simulation for resident physician training in the management of temporary pacemakers
Added on: 12-02-2021
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