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Intracochlear air affects pressure measurements of a 3D cochlea model

Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany
Intracochlear pressure changes are a crucial factor in hearing preservation during cochlear implantation. Thus, the methods and materials used for these interventions are critical and need to be experimentally evaluated. Here, a 3D printed full cochlea model was used to evaluate the effect of intracochlear air in three different conditions (in air, 50% submerged in water or 100% submerged), measuring the pressure with a fibre optic sensor coupled with microscope visualisation. The results showed that, while the pressure was constant and similar when the media was 100% one element, there was a rise in pressure in 50% water conditions that was reaching a plateau when in contact with air. Overall, the researchers demonstrate the importance of choosing the appropriate model to explore the effects of intracochlear pressure and the urge to evaluate the presence of air in the experimental settings.
Influence of intracochlear air on experimental pressure measurements
Conrad Riemann
Added on: 12-01-2021
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