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Bioreactor to model alveolar interface

October 2020
Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen, Neuherberg, Germany(1)
University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy(2)
In this study, the researchers develop a moving air-liquid interface bioreactor with cells cultured on a membrane mimicking air-liquid interface exposure and mechanoelastic motion of lung tissue during breathing. The device consists of two chambers: one exposed to cell culture stimulating blood circulation and the other one - to an aerosol generator and a cyclic pressure system, reproducing the alveolar wall. The results showed that membrane strain could be monitored and liquid aerosol efficiently deposited onto the membrane. Moreover, cultured human lung epithelial cells were mechanically stimulated without loss of viability. Overall, the researchers designed a bioreactor that could be used to investigate toxicological and therapeutic applications in a biodynamic environment.
Development of a dynamic in vitro stretch model of the alveolar interface with aerosol delivery
Otmar Schmid(1), Arti Ahluwalia(2)
Added on: 11-30-2021
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