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Generation of hiPSC from same family donors

October 2019
TissUse GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Although the number of available human induced pluripotent stem cell lines for research is considerable, there is still a lack of these with consent for commercial use. Here, four integration-free human induced pluripotent stem cells from four different donors from the same family were generated through episomal reprogramming of peripheral blood mononuclear cells. The results showed that it was possible to generate pluripotent stem cell-like cells and differentiate them into different cells from the three germ layers through direct differentiation. Overall, the researchers generated four human induced pluripotent stem cell lines with commercial consent that could potentially be used to study the relationship of certain biological processes within the same family and opens the door to investigate the effects of ageing of relatives on the reprogramming and differentiation processes.
Generation of four integration-free iPSC lines from related human donors
Anja Patricia Ramme
Added on: 11-30-2021
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