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EpiVaginal: Model of the human vaginal epithelium

MatTek Corporation, Ashland, USA
MatTek's EpiVaginal is an in vitro research tool for both the safety testing of women's products and the study of HIV-1 and other sexually transmitted diseases. Its tissue structure and cell physiology closely match vaginal epithelial tissue in vivo, making it ideal for toxicological and efficacy testing as well as biological research. EpiVaginal tissue is grown from normal human-derived vaginal epithelial cells (VECs) and dendritic cells. Four types of EpiVaginal are offered: 1. An epithelial tissue containing VEC cells, 2. An epithelial tissue containing VEC and immunocompetent dendritic cells, 3. A full-thickness version containing VECs and a fibroblast-containing lamina propria (EpiVaginalFT), and 4. An immunocompetent version containing dendritic cells.

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Added on: 11-16-2021
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