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3D scaffols for cancer modelling

University of Padova, Padova, Italy
Electroporation is a common technique usually applied to suspension or monolayer cultures. However, 3D systems better reproduce the complex in vivo conditions and cell-matrix interactions. Recent studies have applied electroporation to 3D models replicating in vivo conditions, but still with important limitations. Here, a 3D macroscopic myxoid matrix scaffold to culture human breast epithelial cancer cells was developed to mimic myxoid stroma tumours and replicate the cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions existing in vivo. The results showed that the newly developed platform induced cell proliferation and allows the construction of cell-produced fibrous structures that correlate positively with culture time. Moreover, this system allowed to efficiently electroporate cells cultured on the scaffold. Overall, the researchers propose a new culture system that reproduces key features of in vivo myxoid stroma tumours and can be used to investigate the applicability of electrochemotherapy in cancer.
Cell-seeded 3D scaffolds as in vitro models for electroporation
Elisabetta Sieni
Added on: 11-02-2021
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