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Culture conditions do not affect DNA methylation in breast cancer cells

Jilin University, Changchun, China
In recent years, epigenetic signatures have been shown to have critical roles in the development of cancer. Here, a human breast cancer cell line was used to investigate the direct correlation between DNA methylation and breast cancer in 2D culture, 3D culture and orthotopic transplantation adhesion substrates. The results of PCA analysis showed that the three conditions were closely related. Moreover, several methylation patterns were common among the three conditions and shared several CpG hypermethylated positions. However, the methylation patterns were more closely related between 2D and 3D culture conditions. Furthermore, a genomic analysis identified that four pathways were remarkably affected without notable differences in the methylation status of their genes in the three culture conditions. Overall, the researchers confirm that there are DNA methylation changes in breast cancer and that it is possible to study those changes in several in vitro culture conditions.
DNA methylation is related to the occurrence of breast cancer and is not affected by culture conditions
Hongjun Li
Added on: 11-01-2021
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