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Possible tumour suppressor investigated in triple-negative breast cancer cells

Dongtai People’s Hospital,, Dongtai, China
Triple-negative breast cancer remains one of the most aggressive breast cancers in women. Some studies suggested that miR-361-5p is downregulated in breast cancer, but its role in triple-negative breast cancer is still unclear. Here, tissue samples from patients and human triple-negative breast cancer cells were used to study the potential of miR-361-5p as tumor suppressor and its signalling mechanisms. The results confirmed that miR-361-5p targets the RQCD1 gene. Moreover, tissue samples from patients had low levels of miR-361-5p and high levels of RQCD1. Furthermore, cells treated with miR-361-5p mimics inhibited expression and phosphorylation of cancer-related factors and suppressed cell viability and invasion of cancer cells. Overall, the researchers show that overexpression of miR-361-5p may result in tumor suppressor activity in triple-negative breast cancer cells by targeting RQCD1 and its signaling pathway.
Overexpression of miR-361-5p in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) inhibits migration and invasion by targeting RQCD1 and inhibiting the EGFR/PI3K/Akt pathway
Xuefeng Zhou
Added on: 11-01-2021
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