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AKR1B10 is a pro-carcinogenic and pro-metastatic factor in breast cancer

University of South China, Chenzhou, China
AKR1B10 has been observed to be highly expressed in different types of cancer. However, the mechanisms underlying its role in breast cancer remain unknown. Here, patient samples and human breast cancer cells were used to investigate the role of AKR1B10 expression in cancer-related features. The results showed that AKR1B10 expression was increased in cancer samples and correlated positively with the severity of the disease. Moreover, human breast cancer cells overexpressing AKR1B10 had increased metastatic abilities. Additionally, ERK signalling was identified as the downstream effector of AKR1B10-induced migration and invasive behaviour through the promotion of MMP2 and vimentin expression. Finally, the MEK inhibitor PD98059 could block the effects of AKR1B10 signalling mechanisms. Overall, the researchers demonstrate the pro-carcinogenic and pro-metastatic role of AKR1B10 and elucidate the signalling pathway that mediates its activity.
AKR1B10 promotes breast cancer cell migration and invasion via activation of ERK signaling
Di-Xian Luo
Added on: 10-31-2021
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