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miRNA-144 promotes radiotherapy resistance of breast cancer cells

The Second Hospital of Jilin University, Changchun, China
Resistance to anti-cancer therapies is a critical complication in patients with breast cancer. miRNAs can influence several cancer-related biological processes, including responses to treatments. Here, human breast cancer cells are used to investigate the role of miRNA-144 in radiotherapy sensitivity and cell migration and invasion. The results showed that overexpression of miRNA-144 had a positive effect on cancer cell proliferation and increased cancer cells resistance to radiotherapy. Moreover, the modulation of miRNA-144 expression affected migration and invasion capabilities of cancer cells and its overexpression led to E-cadherin downregulation and Snail upregulation. Finally, miRNA-144 was found to activate AKT in breast cancer cells. Overall, the researchers suggest that miRNA-144 has a crucial role in tumorigenesis and breast cancer progression, which could make it a potential target for new therapeutic strategies.
MicroRNA-144 affects radiotherapy sensitivity by promoting proliferation, migration and invasion of breast cancer cells
Xiaojing Jia
Added on: 10-31-2021
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