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Let-7 miRNAs disrupt triple-negative breast cancer stem cells activity

The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Henan, China
Let-7 miRNAs family has been shown to be able to disrupt the normal functioning of cancer stem cells. However, their therapeutic potential in cancers with a bad prognosis like triple-negative breast cancer remains unknown. Here, different in vitro models using human breast cancer cell lines were used to investigate the inhibitory effect of let-7 miRNAs on self-renewal abilities of triple-negative breast cancer stem cells. The results showed that let-7 could reduce the number of mammospheres and had synergistic effects with radiation on hindering stem cell renewal. Moreover, the signalling pathway by which let-7 acts was identified. Consequently, the re-activation of the let-7 inhibited pathway through recombinant protein signalling abolished the effects of let-7. Overall, the researchers deciphered the signalling pathway involved in the anti-tumor activity of let-7 miRNAs family and suggest new therapeutic targets to reduce cancer stem cell activity in triple-negative breast cancer treatment.
Let‑7 miRNAs sensitize breast cancer stem cells to radiation‑induced repression through inhibition of the cyclin D1/Akt1/Wnt1 signaling pathway
Jianbo Gao
Added on: 10-31-2021
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