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Role of microRNA-645 in metastasis

Jilin Cancer Hospital, Changchun, China
Several microRNAs have been described to have a crucial role in cancer regulation. Despite having anti-cancer activity in some tumors, the role of microRNA-645 in breast cancer remains unclear. Here, human breast cancer samples and human cancer cell lines were used to investigate the role of microRNA-645 in breast cancer cell metastasis. The results showed that microRNA-645 was upregulated in breast cancer tissue from patients. Then, the downregulation of microRNA-645 inhibited metastatic features in breast cancer cells. Moreover, a bioinformatic analysis identified DCD2 as the target gene of microRNA-645 and its inhibition lead to tumor suppression activity similar to the downregulation of microRNA-645. Overall, the researchers describe the mechanisms of microRNA-645 which lead to the identification of a novel target for tumor suppression and a potential new biomarker candidate for breast cancer.
Downregulation of microRNA-645 suppresses breast cancer cell metastasis via targeting DCDC2
Ke Liu
Added on: 10-30-2021
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