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Vitamin D compounds modulate cancer stem cells

December 2016
The State University of New Jersey, Piscataway, USA
Triple-negative breast cancer remains one of the most problematic breast cancers to treat. Thus, preventive strategies might be a useful tool to impede cancer progression. A critical factor of cancer development and progression is cancer stem cells. In a previous study, vitamin D compounds were able to disrupt tumor behaviour of cancer stem cells. Here, a human triple-negative breast cancer cell line is used to produce 3D mammospheres and assess the effects of vitamin D compounds in breast cancer stem cells and differentiation in triple-negative breast cancer. The results showed that vitamin D compounds could reduce the mammosphere forming efficiency and decrease the expression of pluripotency markers. Moreover, these compounds also blocked the Notch signalling pathway involved in stem cell maintenance. Finally, treatment with vitamin D compounds induced myoepithelial markers expression and downregulation of luminal and breast cancer-associated markers. Overall, the researchers confirm that vitamin D compounds have the potential to be used in triple-negative breast cancer therapy to modulate breast cancer stem cells and prevent the development of the disease.
Vitamin D compounds inhibit cancer stem-like cells and induce differentiation in triple negative breast cancer
Nanjoo Suh
Added on: 10-30-2021
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