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High-throughput drug screening device for cancer stem cells

Göteborgs Universitet, Göteborg, Sweden
Cancer stem cells are a major cause of breast cancer relapse. However, there are no treatments that efficiently target those cells. Thus, there is an urgency in identifying novel treatments that specifically modulate cancer stem cells. Here, a robotic platform was developed to perform high-throughput drug screening based on mammosphere and anoikis resistance assays with human triple-negative breast cancer cells. The assay was validated by comparing the data generated by the developed platform and the classical manual protocols. The results show that there were no significant differences in the data generated with both methods. Moreover, with this new workflow, 3 out of 989 FDA-approved compounds were identified to target breast cancer stem cells. Overall, the researchers present a new device that could potentially boost cancer stem cell drug screening and identify highly efficient compounds to be used as adjuvant treatments.
Robotic mammosphere assay for high-throughput screening in triple-negative breast cancer
Göran Landberg
Added on: 10-27-2021
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