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Hybrid bio-AI platform for evaluating the effectiveness and safety of new drugs

Quris Technologies LTD, Tel Aviv, Israel
Quris Technologies specializes in optimizing drug development through AI-based solutions. To optimize the development of new drugs, the company has developed a predictive bio-AI platform that combines microfluidic chip technology with machine learning. To assess drug safety, newly developed active ingredients derived from human stem cells are tested on patients-on-a-chip. The hybrid platform has hundreds of these “microfluidic mini-patients” and enables high-throughput screening of new drugs. The newly acquired information is then transformed into classification algorithms that use AI to predict the effectiveness and possible toxic interactions of the tested active ingredients. The basis for the prediction is a huge genetic data set developed by Quris, which includes newly discovered microRNA genes and is continuously expanded through automated high-throughput screenings. The integrated machine learning system also uses the newly acquired data to train the existing classification algorithms in order to continually improve and make the predictions more precise. In summary, the bio-AI platform is proving to be an advanced method that can help accelerate drug trials and improve clinical predictions about the efficacy and safety of new agents.
Machine-Learning. Trained by Patients-on-a-Chip.
Added on: 01-09-2024
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