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A brain injury model based on resected tissue

October 2022
Keele University, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
This study describes a protocol to use donor cerebellar tissue surgically resected from patients with Chiari malformation (which is a congenital abnormality characterized by downward displacement of cerebellar tissue into the spinal canal) to develop an in-vitro model of traumatic brain injury. 5 patient-derived tissue samples were used in this study and each tissue sample was processed into 35 to 48 tissue slices. Culture conditions were optimized, a protocol to introduce a traumatic injury in the model was developed and it was evaluated if it is feasible to implant a surgical-grade scaffold for regeneration into the injury site. Viable tissue was maintained for approximately 2 weeks with all the major neural cell types detected. Traumatic injuries could be introduced into the slices and biomaterial placement was also feasible within the in-vitro lesions. Accordingly, this proof-of-concept study demonstrated that the model offers potential for preclinical testing in neural tissue engineering.
A benchtop brain injury model using resected donor tissue from patients with Chiari malformation
Divya M. Chari
Added on: 10-26-2022
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