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Patient-derived organoid-based radiosensitivity model

Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences, Seoul, South Korea
In this study, patient-derived tumor organoids were used to determine the correlation between the irradiation response of individual patient-derived rectal cancer organoids and the results of actual radiotherapy of the included 33 patients. Histology and next-generation sequencing analysis confirmed that patient-derived tumor organoids closely recapitulated original tumors, both pathophysiologically and genetically. A prediction model was developed based on a machine learning algorithm using clinical and experimental radioresponse data. Radiation responses in patients were positively correlated with those in patient-derived tumor organoids. The machine learning-based prediction model for radiotherapy results was demonstrated to have a prediction accuracy of more than 89%.
A patient-derived organoid-based radiosensitivity model for the prediction of radiation responses in patients with rectal cancer
Younjoo Kim, Ui Sup Shin
Added on: 06-23-2022
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